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GelMax Absorbent

The GelMax powder is made of crystals with outstanding characteristics. It can absorb and solidify up to 450 times its weight of fluids and soft materials.

GelMax is designed to turn urine and soft materials into a gel, minimizing direct and indirect contact. Once converted into a gelatinous substance, the materials are contained and safer for transport and disposal. This helps prevent the spread of pathogenic organisms, minimizing risk of cross infection and decreasing cost of waste disposal. Moreover GelMax eliminates odors and can placed in a container in advance.

GelMax is helpful in any situation with exposure of liquids, with or without a container: domestic, medical, industrial environments for a safe disposal of surgical and laboratory liquids, chemicals and specimens.

Super-absorbent GelMax comes in 3 formats:
  • Powder
  • Water-soluble Pouch
  • Pad
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Absorbent GelMax Pad GelMax Pad
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