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SweetUms - Sucrose Solution Vials

24% Sucrose Solution − Preserved or Preservative-Free
For Hospitals Only!

Sucrose is a non-pharmacologic intervention that has been widely studied and proven to be associated with statistically and clinically significant reductions in infant discomfort. Helps calm and soothe babies in distress and during painful procedures.
  • Preserved SweetUms – with baby-safe preservatives to ensure it's bacteria and mold-free even after opening.
  • Preservative-Free SweetUms – packaged US pharmaceutical grade sterile to ensure it’s bacteria and mould-free
  • Up to 20% less than other brands
  • Convenient vials administer just a drop at a time.
  • Less waste, no spills.
  • Translucent, purple-tinted vials indicate “oral use.”
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