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Skintact - Electrosurgical Diathermy Electrodes and Pencils
Maximising the full potential of advanced electrosurgical units in the market today, not only requires the surgeon‘s skills but also a reliable range of active and passive accessories. These accessories should offer safety and comfort without compromise to both patient and clinician. Skintact Cool Contact Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes and Pencils provide the highest degree of safety.

SKINTACT® Cool Contact Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes are manufactured using the unique C-Line technology resulting in low skin contact impedance which ensures the electrode stays as cools as possible during use.

In addition, C-Line prevents gel delamination and shrinkage. This is achieved by curing the hydrogel on line unlike many conventional manufactureers who produce or buy their hydrogel in rolls first and then manufacture the product. C-Line combines the manufacture of the hydrogel and the neutral electrode all in one, significantly reducing cost which is why our electrodes are very competitively priced.

Quick Overview
The round leading edge geometry of Universal Neutral Electrodes disperses current more efficiently thus maintaining a cooler interface between patient and neutral electrode. Non adhesive life tab facilitates removal from protective cover and patient after procedure with minimal skin trauma.

Shelf Life: Typically 36 months for neonatal neutral electrodes 24 months

Overlapping Gel:
This unique technology minimises the risk of burns because of elimination of aluminium edge exposure.

Quick ‘n’ Easy: Where applicable shoulder tab enables theatre staff to easily lift the neutral electrode off its protective liner without damaging gel or creasing aluminum.

Electrosurgical Diathermy Electrodes
The soft hydrogel creates a better interface between patient and neutral electrodes facilitating a more efficient electrical contact. An enhanced adhesive border provides extra security should the neutral electrode be pulled inadvertently or come into contact with prepping solutions. Low skin contact impedance ensures the neutral electrodes stay as cool as possible during use.

All SKINTACT® Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes fully comply with EN Electrodes 60601-2-2.

Disposable Diathermy Pencil and Tip Cleaner
  • Single use eliminates risk of cross infections
  • Sterile, easy to open packaging.
  • More cost effective than cleaning reusable versions

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HCP-01 HCP-01

Sterile Push Button Pencil


Reusable Cable


Reusable Cable

TC-1001 TC-1001

Sterile Tip Cleaner

WR21 WR21

Electrosurgical Universal Neutral Electrode

WR21A30 WR21A30

Electrosurgical Universal Neutral Electrode with pre-attached 3m disposable cable