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For the first time, you can irrigate with full force 8-12 PSI pressure. You can re-fill your syringe right through the shield. Its wider shield gives you more high-pressure irrigation.

Give it a try - simply attach the SUPERSHIELD to the end of a 20cc or large syringe, dip it into the reservoir, draw up the irrigation solution and irrigate the wound. Remember to use maximum force and to keep the rim of the SUPERSHIELD lightly resting on the skin, repeat as many times as necessary to adequately cleanse the wound. It is faster, easier and better!

The Zerowet Supershield is used without a needle or IV catheter. The integrated nozzle creates the high-pressure necessary for effective irrigation.

uring irrigation, always keep the rim of the Zerowet Supershield lightly touching the skin or wound if possible. Otherwise, keep the Zerowet Supershield close to the skin.

While irrigating, do no press the Zerowet Supershield onto the skin. Allow the fluid to drain out.

Remember, studies demonstrate that optimal irrigation is obtained by applying maximum force to the plunger of the syringe.

The simultaneous use of forceps or other instruments is easily accomplished. Simply hold the instrument flat against the skin, then place the Zerowet Supershield down over the end of the instrument while irrigating. Do not raise the instrument up away from the skin.

Certain clinical situations, such as agitated or uncooperative patients, or arterial bleeding, may place the user at increased risk for exposure. In these or similar situations, additional protective measures are recommended.
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Zerowet - Wound Irrigation with Supershield Zerowet - Wound Irrigation with Supershield

Zerowet - Wound irrigation with Supershield

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